If you are interested to change your life style, clean your body and make it firm in a natural way, we are your choice.
A healthy life style is the prerequisite for a successful reduction programme. A well-organised diet programme which is tailored to your needs is prepared for you by a nutritionist under the supervision of a specialized physician.
Another important factor is movement and exercise. They both initiate your metabolism and lead to burning down-breaking down of body fat. Movement activities areperformed under the guidance of professional trainers.
(Nordic walking , Aqua-aerobics , Aerobics , Weight training)

Conditions to start your reduction programme:

Before the reduction programme is launched, it is necessary for our client to undergo the following medical examinations to exclude the risk of any serious health complications that might happen due to the burden of movement activities.

The precaution measures taken are:

»  examinations performed by an internist – ECG test , blood tests
»  examinations performed by an orthopedist – X-raying the knees, pelvis, back

If the physician, on basis of the above-mentioned precaution measures, do not recommend the initiation of the reduction programme, the patient can not start their reduction programme.

The client will be under a medical supervision throughout their reduction programme.

All the above-mentioned precaution measures are included in the price.

The programme of movement activities for healthy clients (without health problems) consists of:

1. Aerobics 30 – 60 minutes.
2. Doing exercises in the swimming pool 30 – 60 minutes.
3. Nordic walking 60 minutes.
4. Stationary bicycle 30 – 45 minutes.
5. Doing exercises on Vacue shape ( exerting underpressure)

Supplementary procedures to improve the efficiency of the reduction programme:

1. Painless, noninvasive liposuction (Exilis)
2. Massage
3. Whirlpool

The intensity, frequency and strenuousness are all set by the physician.
The intensity and strenuousness of exercises will be increased according to the individual needs of each client and their physician´s recommendation.
All the above-mentioned procedures are performed on weekdays (Monday – Friday). On Saturdays in lesser amounts. Sundays are relaxing days and completely free.
Most of the movement activities and procedures will take place in the premise of Tereziánský Dvůr, where the client is staying.
The price of a reduction programme for 1 client is 175,- Euros/day
The price for 1 person (a company/assistant) staying with the client in the same room is 25,- Euros/day. In a separate room 82 Euros/day.

The price of a reduction programme includes the following:

Accommodation, boarding, movement activities and procedures, examinations and consultations with a specialized physician, medicaments provided to the client in emergency cases during their stay.