Another way you can lose weight is laparoscopic gastric reduction or laparoscopic insertion of a small balloon into the stomach. Both types of operations are performed laparoscopically only, without incisions. In the hands of professional medical specialists you will have the best and safest care.

Price is complete including:

»  surgery and anesthesia

»  stay in hospital

»  medication and medical material

»  laboratory testing and blood derivatives

»  extraordinary services (TV in native tonque,WIFI,electronic adjustable beds,individual board)

»  administrative costs

Price of the intervention :

Laparoscopic gastric plication (general anesthesia) 2400,- €
Laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection (general anesthesia): 4600,- €
Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding including material (general anesthesia) 3100,- €