Therapy centre in Tereziánský Dvůr

Tereziánský Dvůr is a four-star hotel located in the town of Hradec Králové near the centre of the town.

An agreement has been reached between Tereziánský Dvůr and a company with high experience in physiotherapy to provide intensive physiotherapy for patiens in the hotel.

It is the only centre which provides the highest number of hours of individual procedures and exercises depending on the patient´s case and doctor´s recommendations. The patient can get up to 5 hours of individual exercise sessions. In addition to therapeutic exercises, the patient is given sessions of special massage focusing on the problematic areas where special points on nerves are pressed and treated.

In addition, there is also electrotherapy, using measured electrical pulses given to different parts of the body.

Of course we have the specialised doctors, neurologists, orthopedists, and internists to keep the patient under close watch throughout their stay in our centre.

As soon as the patient arrives, we take them to the hospital to perform an X-ray examination of the problematic area(s), as well as taking blood samples to detect the levels of the thyroid hormone, vitamine D, cancer markers, liver enzymes, minerals … etc. Our centre does not accept cases of quadriplegia and hemiplegia without an assistant.
The price per day for one patient is 175,- Euro.
The price includes:

1) Accomodation , procedures of treatment , breakfast.

2) consultations with specialized doctors

3) Testing of blood hormones, enzymes , vitamins , minerals and main markers.

4) X-rays

5) medicaments given in case of sickness (catching a cold or digestive problem such as diarrhea ….etc.) in tereziánský dvur,

The price of a company per person:

1) in the same room is 25,- Euro per a day.

2) in a separate room is 82,- Euro per a day.

Our prices are fixed throughout the year.