If you want to feel better about the way you look, plastic surgery can help you. Our expert doctors specialize in a different surgical procedures that will leave you with a confident look that you will be happy. Our primary goals are patient safety and natural appearing results. These are the hallmarks of our work in plastic Surgery. Our doctors specializes in plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body, including facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, and body contouring .Our clinic provide you with maximum comfort and efficiency. By our experience you can get the body you've dreamed.

Price is complete including:

»  surgery and anesthesia
»  stay in hospital
»  medication and medical material
»  implants of US Mc Ghan,French Eurosilicon and German Polytech company
»  laboratory testing and blood derivatives
»  extraordinary services (TV in native tonque,WIFI,electronic adjustable beds,individual board)
»  administrative costs

Price is complete including the whole treatment:

Upper eyelid (local anesthesia) 600,- €
Lower eyelid (local anesthesia) 650,- €
Nose soft (local anesthesia) 900,- €
Nose soft (general anesthesia) 1000,- €
Nose complete (general anesthesia) 1400,- €
External ear (local anesthesia) 750,- €
Face minilift 1050,- €
Face lift (face decrease) 1600,- €
Face lift (decrease under tragus) 1700,- €
Breast forming 1600,- €
Breast forming with augmentation 1650,- €
Forming and breast reduction 1400,- €
Breast augmentation 1200,- €
Price of one pair (two pieces) implants 1600,- €
Implants of US Mc Ghan,French Eurosilicon and German Polytech company  
Abdominal wall plastic surgery (diastasis) 1 700,- €
Abdominal wall plastic surgery (small) 1150,- €
Fat suction basic (one area) 1100,- €
Fat suction basic (two areas) 1500,- €
Fat suction basic (three areas) 1650,- €
Double chin fat suction (local anesthesia) 650,- €
Thick thigh and arm surgery 1700,- €
Own tissue lips forming (local anesthesia) 750,- €
Own tissue lips forming (general anesthesia) 1050,- €
Small surgery according to degree up to 90,- €
Scar adjustment according to degree up to 120,- €
Wrinkle injection adjustment according to degree (Botox, Juvederm, etc.) 450-800,- €
Labia majora et minora adjustment (general anesthesia) 800,- €
Oversweating eliminating (Botox) 700,- €
One day in hospital 190,- €
Prices inclusive of VAT