We can help you to arrange performing of medical operations in Ústí nad Labem hospitál This hospital is wellknown for excellent results especially in neurosurgery.

Neurosurgery department

Managed by the Head of the department prof. Dr Martin Sames who ordinarily cooperates with his colleagues in the USA and Japan. Serious brain and spinal cord conditions are succesfully solved there.

The Neurological department in usti nad labem is one of specialized centre for the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with a wide range of neurological conditions, such as:


Surgical treatment for hydrocephalus can restore and maintain normal cerebrospinal fluid levels in the brain. A variety of interventions are often required to manage symptoms or functional impairments resulting from hydrocephalus.

Neurooncology brain tumors

Special treatments used to manage the symptoms. such as Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other treatments all have the potential to generate new symptoms as they work to reduce the impact of the tumor.

Neurovascular diseases

Neurovascular diseases affect the cerebral vascular system and the spinal cord. Treatment of these pathologies is one of the key areas in our clinic

Pediatric neurosurgery

Children with neurosurgical problems require special care.we can offer a consultations and treatment for the following disorders :

1) brain and spine tumors in children
2) malformations (encephaloceles, spina bifida), epilepsy, hydrocefalus
3) vascular malformations, craniosynostosis (premature closure of the skull suture).

Peripheral nerves

At the neurosurgical department of the Klinikum Großhadern, the full range of traumatic and non-traumatic peripheral nerve lesions including N. facialis and N. accessorius are treated operatively but for a few exceptions.

Pituitary surgery

The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain in a bony cavity, the sella turcica. Its prominent role is to regulate the endocrine system in the body.

Skull base surgery

Tumors of the skull base require a special differentiated therapy regime because they involve the brain vessels and the so-called brain nerves (which are responsible for hearing, feeling, motor functions of the face, tongue motility and swallowing act as well as coordination of eye movements).

most frequently treated tumors are:

»  acoustic neurinomas
»  meningiomas
»  chordomas
»  epidermoids, etc.

Spinal surgery

The treatment spectrum comprises diseases in all parts of the spine, such as:

»  Degenerative nerve root and spinal cord compression syndromes caused by herniated discs, spinal stenoses, segmental instability (displaced vertebrae, spondylolisthesis)
»  Chronic neck and back pain, facet joint syndromes
»  Traumatic spine injuries (fractures)
»  Tumors of the spine and the spinal cord
»  Spinal dysraphy and malformations

Neurosurgery department are co-operating with following clinic :

»  oncology department of pediatric clinic FN Motol, Prague
»  Neurological clinic 1. LF UK, VFN, prague
»  Neurosurgery, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm (sweeden)
»  Otoneurosurgery, Timone Hospital, Marseille (france)
»  Skull Base Surgery Center, Raleigh, USA (Fukushima, MD)
»  Rokuya Tanikawa, Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan


Urology department

The hospital is equipped with excellent facilities, a Da vinci robot prostate surgery can be provided there as in one of the few hospitals, when all the tumor cells are removed precisely and minimal bleeding and postoperative stay are expected. The first operation was done on 19. 08. 2008 .

With the da Vinci System, surgeons operate through a few small incisions instead of a large open incision - similar to traditional laparoskopy

Advantages of prostate robot Surgery:

1) hospitalization is shorter. Surgery is done in the morning and they typically go home after lunch on the first operative day.
2) decreased intraoperative blood loss
3) The third advantage of robotic surgery over open surgery is a reduction in the required postoperative catheterization time.
4) Less pain