Hamzová spa is considered to be one of the most distinguished government-sponsored spas in the Czech Republic. The success of the rehabilitation program is mainly based on high qualification and professionalism of the medical staff and on the therapeutic effects of individual exersices.

Hamzová spa It is situated in the north eastern region of the country, near two major cities, Hradec Králové and Pardubice, where the patient has access to all of the previliges of a city.

Hamzová spa is specialized in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and diseases of the peripheral nervous system in children and adults with enough experience more than 100 years, for example, paralysis, joint pain. It provides rehabilitation and treatment following accidents and brain strokes, post-traumatic conditions. The therapy is performed by a specialised team of physiotherapists.

Hamzová spa gives 5 to 6 sessions of different treatment procedures per day every day from Monday to Friday. On Saturday the patient receives 3 sessions only , and on Sunday there are no therapy procedures.

Therapy sessions consist of:

»  a 40-minute session of individual exercises

»  Individual and group ergotherapy for 30 minutes

»  30 minutes of clasical massage

»  Horse riding ( hipo- theraby) for 15 minutes

»  Electrotherapy for 5 – 10 minutes

»  local thermotherapy : Biolamp rays treatment 5-10 minutes

»  A 30-minute session in the swimming pool

»  A 15-minute session in the whirlpool for the whole body

»  upper and Lower whirlpool bath for 15 minutes

»  local thermotherapy : Wax-parafin treatment 10 minutes

»  Ergotheraby and hand exersices by using models and balls for 20-30 minutes minutes

»  Working out in the gym with different equipments for 15 – 30 minutes

»  Climatheraby by walking and breathing fresh air

»  whole body CO2 bath for 20 minutes

»  gas injection

»  Magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy for 10-15 minutes

»  Manual lymphoven for 45 minutes

»  Manual attraction for 30 minutes ( or by device).

»  Mobilization , ball method treatment for 20 minutes.


Naturally, the kind, intensity and timing of therapy sessions depends on the responsible doctor´s assessment who takes care of the patient as soon as he arrives at Hamzová spa. A patient normally does not receive the same kind of theraby twice a day unless their case requires so, and that is decided by the responsible doctor.


There is a special shop in the spa which sells medical equipments for the disabled and other patients, such as a variety of splints to support the disabled body part, medical shoes etc.